SATB Choral

Published by Lorenz/Roger Dean Publishing

May Christ Be At Home In Your Hearts, an original choral piece (SSATBB) based on Ephesians 3:16-19

Published by The Benson Company                            

       “Every Time I Feel The Spirit” SSAA-Piano

       “Swing Low” in Great and Marvelous   TTBB and Piano

Published by Shawnee Press, Inc.

       Spirituals for Today  a collection of 10 arrangements

       Three are my arrangements:

            Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John

            Lord Hear Me Prayin’

            Lord I Want to be a Christian (with optional piano)

Published by Word

       Rejoice and Be Exceeding Glad   arranged for choir and orchestra, original song by Lynn Keesecker

Published by Tempo Music

       Silent Night  for choir and orchestra    (also available with piano accompaniment)

Official Arrangement of the FIJI national anthem    for chorus and brass band

Published by Rainwater Music

        Color your world with Jesus, arr for choir and piano, original song by Eric Rainwater

Published by Fred Bock Music

        The Shepherd’s Song, arr for choir and piano, original song by Eric Rainwater


Children’s Musicals

Arranged for Rainwater Music in Sacramento, CA with distribution through Carl Fischer, Shawnee Press, JW Pepper, etc.  These are mostly arranged for big band and/or orchestra for the tracks, original songs by Eric Rainwater.

Night At The Bible Museum         



The Great Christmas Caper        


The Perils of Paul                        

Samson and Delilah                     


Check Out that Star                     

Mission Connection II      

Published by Fred Bock Publications

 The Mission Connection

Published by His Song Publications

             Enough is Enough, Goliath     original songs by Bernice Dietz

Books and Articles

What can I say?  I went through a phase of doing more technical writing than I should have spent time doing.  Fortunately, after a 12-step program with other recovering technical writers (we meet at the NAMM show and support each other), I can say that I’ve been clean for about 20 years.  (“Hi, my name is Phil, and I’m a techno-holic.”)  If you’re a musician, and work is a little slow in coming, I suggest you take a job driving Uber before doing this.  If someone waves checks before your eyes, try to be strong.  Nevertheless, in the spirit of total transparency, here’s the list:

Score chapter of the manual for Logic Audio version 4.0

Complete software manual and accompanying tutorial for Logic Audio 2.0  music software, by Emagic, a German software company (now owned and distributed by Apple Computer Co). The work was translated into German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Japanese.

“Synchronization of computer-based sequencing system  and multi-track recorder using MIDI Machine Code” – EQ Magazine    1993

“Notator Clinic” series in Keyboard Magazine        1991-92

Recording and Film Scoring with MIDI/SMPTE by Don Walker; Edited by Phil Shackleton.         Alexander Publishing © 1991

How MIDI Works  by Don Walker.    Edited and Revised by Phil Shackleton            Alexander Publishing © 1991

The Next MIDI Book  by Dan Walker and Lorenz Rychner.  Edited and Revised by Phil Shackleton           Alexander Publishing © 1991

CLAB Notator  by Phil Shackleton with Peter Alexander                                 Alexander Publishing © 1989