Out of the Fog was partly composed while I was in the hospital, and in a pharmaceutically induced state of fog, using a laptop and a small keyboard with ¾ size keys.  The pseudo-minimalist gestures in the opening began that way (one wonders if that has been the genesis of more than one minimalist-influenced composition), and as the fog gradually “lifted” I slowly realized I’d better add some other material to keep listeners “out of the fog,” resulting in more layers being added to the ostinato figure and meandering melodies over the top of it all.  The “fog” is followed by sections composed both before and after the hospital experience, since I had learned that altered mental states can indeed confuse chronological perception.  Careful listeners may notice a point part way through where the music becomes celebratory, briefly, and then returns to “the fog.”  This represents a false promise of release from the hospital, followed by yet another injection of happy juice, bringing on yet more “fog.”   The piece almost ends twice before the actual ending, representing my frustration as the departure time kept being extended on the day of release.

This piece is the result of a commission to compose a season opener for the Azusa Pacific University Symphony Orchestra, so it is suitably light and frothy as season openers are wont to be.  Really light and frothy.  Froth is good.

You can listen to a demo here.